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PTE Academic reports an overall score, communicative skills scores and enabling skills scores. Below is a picture of a full Test Taker Score Report. On the neXt page, there is a picture showing the score details, with an explanation of what they mean.

Overall score

The overall score is based on performance on all test items (tasks in the test consisting of instructions, questions or prompts, answer opportunities and scoring rules). Each test taker will answer between 71 and 83 items in any given test and there are 20 different item types. For each item, the score given contributes to the overall score. The score range is 10—90 points.

Note: the overall score is not an average calculation of the communicative scores.

Communicative skills scores

The communicative skills measured are listening, reading, speaking and writing. These are the scores you will be judged on for visa/HEI entry. Items testing these Communicative skills also test specific subskills. For items requiring integrated skills (those assessing reading and speaking, listening and speaking, reading and writing, listening and writing, or listening and reading) the item score contributes to the score for the communicative skills that the item assesses. The score range for each skill is 10—90 points.